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A bit of HISTORY

Phil has recorded albums of his own material along with collaborative projects using 'live' and sequenced methods from analog tape reels to digital 'Pro Tools'

Phil handles guitar, piano and vocals. His varied palette offers a wide range of musical style. Rythmic material and ballads use electric and acoustic sounds. It's melodic and harmonic music with a punch!

Enjoy . . .

I don't wanna waste my time

She's got blood running through her veins . . .

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Unspoken words

There are people come my way. There are words . . .

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Dreamin' Again

I've got a lot of dreams tonight that I really . . . . . . .

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Dust on the Diamonds

There's dust on the diamonds but a gleam . . .

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Everything is shiny

Everything is shiny
It sparkles and it glows . . .

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My brother

A breach was in the levy
But my brother, he's . . .

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Where Angels Play

I need to go back there one day. To the place . . .

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My Lovin' eye

I've got my loving eye set on you. No one . . .

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You're unique

You've got no idea how much you're worth . . . .

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Never enough

I tried planning. I tried doing it off the cuff . . .

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Oh Freedom

Oh, freedom, won't you come to me tonight? . . .

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open up your heart

If I didn't love you
I guess I wouldn't . . .

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Well of love

There's a well of love for you, a well of love . . .

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Always running, always trying to get . . .

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place of a skull

See the darkness gathering in the eastern . .

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magnificently different

Magnificently different - so suddenly . . .

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walk upon the water

I will walk upon the water
I will calm the troubled . . .

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weather beaten

I talked to an old friend on the telephone . . .

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