Some nice words . . .


Thanks Phil for a great concert - the new songs are some of the best you have done - there is a very natural feel and originality to them

Hi Phil, Many thanks again for inviting us to your Life Supper performance on Saturday.

My mum and dad said that they really enjoyed it, my Dad said that some of your piano playing style sounding Elton John esque!

For me, it was just an incredible privilege to watch you play those songs, accompanied by other musicians. I particularly enjoyed Dusty Diamonds (and I'm not even a fan of Reggae as a rule!), Well Of Love was great, and one of the last songs you played on the piano where you got us to respond at the end was particularly good. Also loved the first one you played in your 2nd Set after pudding, again I forget the name of it!

The sound was great, really well balanced, and really tight, excellent playing by everyone

Hi Phil, Just some thoughts about Saturday night. The venue was excellent and Christ Church certainly pulled out all the stops in preparing the room and the catering. The sound from where we were sitting was very good. The vocals and piano were very clear and the mix with bass and drums was just about right. You certainly seemed on form and looked to be enjoying playing 'live' and with a band, who all were excellent and gelled well.

Hi Phil, Thanks for inviting me to your Life Supper was great to see you playing, and performing...and with a band again.

Hi Phil Many thanks again for your testimony and music at Christchurch. It was powerful and brave.

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